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Links for 2012-09-08 [Uncertain Principles]


In which science shows the FAA is full of crap, Slate takes on the question of science grad school, NFL team logos get redesigned to make them honest, the Joint Quantum Institute invites your Nobel guesses, and experimentalists are more sought after than theorists.

Do Our Gadgets Really Threaten Planes? – WSJ.com

“The odds that all 78 of the passengers who travel on an average-size U.S. domestic flight have properly turned off their phones are infinitesimal: less than one in 100 quadrillion, by our rough calculation. If personal electronics are really as dangerous as the FAA rules suggest, navigation and communication would be disrupted every day on domestic flights. But we don’t see that.”

What is the value of a science PhD: Is graduate school worth the effort? – Slate Magazine

A surprisingly calm take on the question of whether to go to grad school in science.

Honest logos for the Patriots, Cowboys, Giants, and rest of the NFL – Grantland

Truth in graphic design.

JQI Physics Nobel Prize Poll 2012

Because it’s never too early to start guessing who’ll win this years Nobel Prize.

Physics and Physicists: Job Advertisements For Theorists and Experimentalists In Physics Today Apr-Aug 2012

The ratio of jobs seeking experimentalists only to the jobs seeking theorists only is still above 3.


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