A Stunning Natural Phenomenon, Abstracted From Above


A Modern artwork? A Martian landscape? Nope, that’s just a crazy pink lake in Western Australia, seen through the lens of photographer Steve Back.

Charged with shooting some landscape photographs to adorn the walls of a hotel in Perth, photographer Steve Back was desperately searching for a destination in Western Australia that looked “in any way different or interesting.” His first thought was a series of reef-ringed islands off the continent’s Western coast, so he chartered a small aircraft to scope them out from above. While he was up there, he figured he’d have a look at the Hutt Lagoon, a body of water on the Western edge of the continent that through a quirk of nature is totally, vibrantly pink.

The photographer says he’d found the phenomenon “uninteresting” from the ground. From the sky, however, it was a totally different story. In just one pass, over the course of some 30 minutes, he snapped these photos–a series of closely-cropped compositions that only serve to enhance the lake’s otherworldly splendor.

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