Beautiful Toy Models Of Nuclear Power Plants And Factory Farms


Maykel Roovers redesigns the timeless toy with an eye toward the realities of contemporary life.

Give a kid some toy blocks, and you can expect to get action figure hideouts and towers. Always towers. If your child is a particularly precocious (and socially responsible) little urban planner, maybe you’ll get a police station or a school or a supermarket from time to time. What you probably won’t get is a nuclear reactor. Unless, that is, your kid happens to be playing with Maykel Roovers’s custom-built blocks, a set of toys designed to more accurately reflect the construction projects that fill our cities today.

Roovers debuted the Critical Blocks, as he calls them, at last year’s During Dutch Design Week. The sets include an apartment complex, a “mega farm,” a power plant, and a highway, a series of construction projects that “epitomize today’s zeitgeist,” according to the artist.

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